Gloster Javelin.

XH903 currently on loan from the RAF Museum at Cosford, stands at Gloucestershire's Staverton Airport, location of the new Jet Age Museum, opened in August 2013.


pic: Jet Age Museum.


This is the subject of the new Airfix 1/48 scale model now available.



Pembrokeshire based scale model making club.

We are a group of like minded individuals who model in

 various mediums with plastic being the most popular.

Aircraft, ships, vehicles, figures and dioramas.

A common theme that dominates is recreating the many subjects from Pembrokeshire's rich history - keeping those memories and stories alive.




Who are we? 


The members of this independent club are a wide ranging group of individuals with diverse backgrounds, who wish to share their experiences and skills with each other.


At present, as well as constructing models for ourselves, we make models for display in various historical establishments.


Commissions can be undertaken for the construction of models by members of the club. Costs will be dependant on the level of work involved. Current projects include work for Cotswold and Worcestershire based organisations as well as local here in Pembrokeshire.


We meet regularly on a very informal basis. New participants are welcomed at anytime of any standard. Those with no modelling skills are more than welcome if they would like to become familiarised with the art.



Where to find us?


All of our members are based around the Cleddau Estuary in the County of Pembrokeshire, West Wales.


Meetings are usually held in Pembroke.


You can contact us by calling;


Martin Blow          01646 680270

Derek Lawrence    01646 621708



Useful web links:


Pembroke Dock Sunderland Trust  01646 684220                                       

Carew Control Tower

Jet Age Museum.

Living Aviation Museum, Coventry.  024 7688 2616

Coventry Air Museum.   024 7630 1033

Coastlands Local History Group

Templeton Heritage Group. 01834 861165

Expo Tools - for modelling materials.  01834 845150

Airbrushes and materials. 0121 247 7838

Flory Models. Model forum and specialist materials.

Raven Scale Models. Model lighting kits - all scales. 01550 721099



The following is a great idea from Peter Mitchell:
Aerials are often flimsy under tension from wires, particularly when in scales such as 1/24. One solution - modifying a plastic knitting needle and inserting into the fuselage fixing the bottom of the needle into the lower fuselage body. This gives rigidity to the aerial - taking the strain!
Pic 1.  The original aerial profile being copied by filing to the same shape as the original.
Pic 2. The needle is inserted into the fuselage - yet to be trimmed!
Pic 3. The completed job.
Plastic knitting needles are cheap to source from charity shops - or a partners (or own!!) stash.
1/24 scale Typhoon revealed by Airfix at this year's Telford IPMS Show on November 9th.
It looks as if Airfix are moving the goal posts at both the entry level for model makers/ kit buyers and at the very top. This really is as good as it gets! The target price is 99.99.
Watch out world - the Brits are coming..................
 We have arranged a trip to the Normandy D-Day landing sites for the end of June in 2014. This will be just after the 70th Anniversary of that momentous event that changed the course of world history.
 The trip will cover 5 days and will include transport and accommodation.
   Details can be obtained via the club contacts to the organiser, Derek Church.

From Monday 14th October 2013, the following Penfro Model Club clothing will be available direct from;


Tees R Us, 6 Laws St, Pembroke Dock. SA72 6DL.

01646 683772

Contact: Rory.



Items available are;

Polo Shirt.           16.80.

Sweatshirt.         21.00.

Fleece.               23.40.

Sizes range from small up to 6XL.

Other items such as shirts and outerwear are also available.

Colours are Maroon for the Polo shirt and sweat shirt.

Maroon or dark blue for the fleece.





Latest news






Latest news 21/03/2014.


Next meeting is on Wed 16th Apr 2014 at 19.00hrs.





Latest news 11/11/2013.


Stunning release to come from Airfix announced at Telford IPMS on Sat 9th Nov.


Hawker Typhoon - bubble top in 1/24 should be available from June of 2014 at a price of  99.99.     


See pictures as taken at the show below left.




Latest news 11/10/2013.


New club clothing is available from Tees R Us,

6 Laws St, Pembroke Dock.

See below for details!





Latest news 13/05/2013.


The new Airfix Lancaster Mk III (Dambuster) is available now at the  Sunderland Trust in Pembroke Dock now for 29.99 Available by mail order as well from the Trusts e-shop at the website address.





Latest news 22/04/2013.


The new Italeri Dornier 24T flying boat is on sale now at the Sunderland Trust in Pembroke Dock now for 24.99. These are reworked and improved mould tools and it includes photo-etched parts as well. Decals for 5 different airframes. Available by mail order as well from the Trusts e-shop at the website address.








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