PENFRO Model Club



About us:

Who are we?

The members of this independent club are a wide ranging group of individuals with diverse backgrounds, who wish to share their experiences and skills with each other.

At present, as well as constructing models for ourselves, we make models for display in various historical establishments.

Commissions can be undertaken for the construction of models by members of the club. Costs will be dependant on the level of work involved. Current projects include work for Cotswold and Worcestershire based organisations as well as local here in Pembrokeshire.

We meet regularly on a very informal basis. New participants are welcomed at anytime of any standard. Those with no modelling skills are more than welcome if they would like to become familiarised with the art.


What are we about:


We are a Pembrokeshire based scale model making club.

A group of like minded individuals who model in

various mediums with plastic being the most popular.

Aircraft, ships, vehicles, figures and dioramas.

A common theme that dominates is recreating the many subjects from Pembrokeshire's rich history - keeping those memories and stories alive.